Not just anyone …

Not just anyone, experience in the office 

At Navitec Marine Services we know how the maritime business works. We have a former Master at Sea and Fleet Manager as Managing Director at the helm, supported by an Engineer with decades of offshore and salvage experience as Operations Manager, the course is set and clear.

The same level of expertise and experience is represented in our team of Ship Repair Managers. With three former Ship’s Engineers, a Superintendent, an Electrical Engineer and a Technical Engineer we can manage any issue that might arise on or near a seagoing vessel.

Not just anyone, experience on the floor 

The same level of skills and experience can be found in the people actually working on the vessels and in our workshop.
We are proud to say that we have an excellent track record in retaining our experienced staff and consequently the skills and expertise built up over the years.

This also allows for young and ambitious staff to learn on the job and develop themselves at their own pace under senior supervision. 

Meet our people …

Joris Van de Water
Joris Van de Water

Managing Director

Navitec shiprepair safety
Martine van Opstal

Accounts and Administration

Navitec shiprepair safety
Britt De Cock


Navitec Portretten (21-10) 256
Mathias Van Lierop

Ship Repair Manager

Navitec Portretten (21-10) 233
Christophe Verhaert

Ship Repair Manager

Navitec Portretten (21-10) 244
William De Vries

Ship Repair Manager

Vladimir Subic

Ship Repair Manager

Jens Van der Heyden

Project manager

Mo Laarossi

Warehouse Coordinator

Wesley Willems

Project administrator

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