Quality, Health, Safety
& Environment

Navitec Marine Services is renowned among its customers for maintaining a high quality and safety standard. We are able to sustain this service level thanks to permanent training of our staff, continuous investment in tools and materials and a strong organisational focus on QHSE.

Quality, Health, Safety
& Environment


Apart from the materials and tools, the person executing a job is the most important factor for a successful repair. Our people duly follow the set out and certified welding procedures.

Our welders and procedures are all certified by DNV or Lloyd’s Register for the different procedures and materials. Upon delivery of work we always provide the relevant certificates for classification.

When the job is done, we invite clients to fill out a customer satisfaction survey so we can continuously assess ourselves and improve our services.


As a ship repair company we ask a lot of our staff, working irregular hours in an extremely flexible system. As such, it is a basic necessity/in our greatest interest to take care of our workers’ health. Making sure they always have easy access to protective equipment, allowing for recovery time after labor and non-standard shifts, providing comfortable and suitable lodging and meals when performing jobs on location…

Those are all integral parts of our QHSE policy.


Working with welding machines, on or under water, between moving cargo, on altitude… it all poses hazards. Hence safety is our number one priority. Our safety and the crew’s safety.

Following our commitment to consistently improve safety we are proud to have been accredited with a VCA/SSC** certification.

VCA/SSC is a versatile and comprehensive programme intended to enable service companies to operate with greater safety awareness and reduce the number of accidents.

We get the job done, safely.


The Port of Antwerp is a leader in industrial environmental awareness and as a major contractor it comes natural to us to follow suit and go beyond legal requirements. We take pride in cleaning up after ourselves and stick to a strict “leave no trace” policy. 

All our quotations are including waste disposal and all final disposal is taken care of by specialized and certified partners.